Good News Outreach Website Redesign

Project Description:

This project involved redesigning a website for a local charitable organization. The old website was dated and being hosted through inferior means and our team was tasked with solving both of those issues. The entire work was done within a few months, completed in December of 2015.

My Involvement:

I had a hand in completing most of the formal paperwork that we submitted as well as having a large part to play in the discussion of the design of the website.

Challenges Faced:

The hardest part of this project would be our group's reliance on a third party. We had to wait for them to finish their work before we could continue with ours.

Skills Developed:

I refined some of my design skills along with my verbal and written communication skills.

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Here is the link to their current website: Good News Outreach

The current site may not be the same as the one that my team designed. If that is the case, slide 4 of the powerpoint below should accurately represent how the site apeared after our project was completed.

Click here to download the final accompanying document
(containing the project charter, work breakdown structure, schedule, budget, risk management plan, and communication plan)

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