A Week on the Water Commissioned Work

Project Description:

This was a short promotional video that I produced for my employer in the summer of 2013. Over the course of a week I filmed and edited footage of a group of summer camp students as we taught them how to windsurf.

My Involvement:

I produced all the content of this video myself except for the audio and the company logo.

Challenges Faced:

Working alone was the biggest challenge that I faced in this project. Not having a team to split the work with made the project more difficult especially so as I was also doing my job as a camp counselor when I was not behind the camera. Its quite a unique challenge to row in front of a group of children and film them as they go by while also being prepared to pack the camera back in a waterproof bag in order to help anyone that needs it. I never knew what moments to film because I couldn't tell what was going to happen.

Skills Developed:

Multitasking has got to be what I've developed most. The week I was filming this I essentially had two jobs, one as a camera man and another as an instructor. Balancing between them was enlightening. I also further developed my skills as a camera man and editor during this project.

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