My Website

Project Description:

My website! Everything here was coded by hand over the course of several days including the words that you are reading right now. Everything that is under this domain is my work for this project, no templates were used. The current version of this website was created between January and April of 2016.

My Involvement:

All of the coding is mine. The majority of the pictures are not though, they are properly credited in the credits section.

Challenges Faced:

There were many things that I didnt know about web development or CSS. I had to find out information on my own and troubleshoot my own problems. It was difficult but rewarding.

Skills Developed:

Before this project, my CSS skills were rudamentary at best and I had practically forgotten all of the javascript and jquery I knew. All of those I've expanded on while being able to use my skills in design to make this site look nice.

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