Project Description:

Talia has been my pet project that I've worked on in my free time. This rendition of it is the very first one where I coded the engine myself with the help of a tutorial on youtube. It has pretty basic in that you can only move around and shoot but it was a start. The project as it is shown here was completed in May of 2015.

My Involvement:

The code was more or less copied form the youtube tutorial I was following although I did hand write it and debug it myself when it wasnt working. The art assets I created by hand.

Challenges Faced:

I knew nothing of coding videogames before this project. I learned everything through trial and error and picking apart the code that I was writing until I fully understood what lines did what.

Skills Developed:

I can now replicate this project more or less. I've also learned that patience and perserverence are very key skills to have.

Click here to download the game

Click here to download the code files for eclipse

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