Phase 1

Project Description:

The longest and hardest project that I ever worked on from a film perspective. Looking back on it now three years later, it was cheesy and the actors were really bad but there was so much that I learned from producing this short film. Phase one and it's four trailers were part of a year-long project for completion of the IB program. Countless hours of production went into producing this six minute film.

My Involvement:

I was the chief editor of the film but I also did some camera work (from 4:45 to 5:18) and some acting, playing the part of one of the goons. My mainstay was as the editor and as such I was the one responsible for putting all of the peices of the film together. Two hours before school started and for three hours after it ended I was in the lab editing the film nearly every day. My commitment to this project is something that was important to me and the film is still something that I'm proud to say that I worked on. Not only did I edit the core film but I also edited all of the trailers. The second video below is my concept and editing of my take on a trailer for this film followed by three others which were envisioned by my coworkers.

Challenges Faced:

The hardest part of the project was scheduling. As the editor I had to be there for all the shots partially to make sure certain shots were good and partially to not have to rewatch clips that I knew I wouldnt be using. Beyond that I had to work with Final Cut, a program that I had limited experience with, and also juggle the rest of my life around. Spending five extra hours a day on this project was rough on my other work at the time.

Skills Developed:

My editing skills were refined the most through this one project simply because it was my one job for so long. I also learned to schedule things early and improved my planning and improvisational skills because of this project.

Phase 1

My personal trailer

Other trailers that I edited

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