Media Culture and the Environment Portfolio

Project Description:

This website was the public portion of a project about chicken and some of the labeling present in the supermarkets today. It was completed in the Fall of 2015.

My Involvement:

I coded the website and participated in developing the graphics on the site. I also went to captured some of the images in the graphics and wrote up a few sections of text.

Challenges Faced:

The information on the products wasn’t as widely accessible as it probably should have been. Hours of research went into writing the texts that accompanies the graphics.

Skills Developed:

Teamwork was a major skill that I worked on as well as research.

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The Local Chicken Project

Presented to you by:

Jordan Blackwood, Chase Daftary, Alexander Garcia, and Jake Nail

For this course (Media, Culture, and the Environment) our group was tasked with looking at a topic and doing individual hands-on research of that topic. Our group decided to investigate chicken that is sold in our local grocery stores. This project is a collection of photographs that we took visiting four local Tallahassee grocery stores as well as our notes and specific research on our findings. We organized the photographs by brands and store and also performed an analysis on the labeling conventions we found.

Stores and Brands

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Costco chicken
Walmart chicken
Publix chicken
Whole Foods chicken

Labeling Conventions

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All Natural Image
Organic Image
Antibiotic Image
Chicken Feed Image


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