Dungeons and Dragons World Building

Project Description:

This project is just something I've done on the side. As storytelling is something that I'm motivated by, I've played as the DM for a small group of friends of mine. I went and put in the extra mile into my role that many do not. I have created two worlds with full backstories and backgrounds and I have drawn maps for my two worlds and three others.

My Involvement:

I've written all the material in the folowing links myself and I created the maps myself with the help (for a basic outline) of http://donjon.bin.sh

Challenges Faced:

Drawing the maps was something I didnt know I was good at until I tried it. Writing the lore was tedious work setting up an organizational pattern to track all of the data I would be entering in.

Skills Developed:

I've developed my organizational skills, my writing skills, storytelling ability, and my artistic ability.

--- --- ---

This is the first actual world that I created on my own. The lore is somewhat lacking and disorganized, but as was the nature of the project. I developed more work as time went on. Page 7 marks the start of the lore, the information before and after is included in the document more for my own use than anything else.

Abanon DnD Google Doc

This is my most recent work. Organization on this one is more to my liking but information is still somewhat lacking for similar reasons to the first project. The writen content starts on page 10 with text about the religious beliefs of this world.

Alastar and Elion DnD Google Doc

Modified images of the above maps or images of the other three maps that I've created can be requested through the 'Contact me' section of the homepage.

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