Chess Club Promotional Trailer

Project Description:

This project was produced completely out of boredom. I had a concept for a video about chess pieces moving in an epic fashion and I decided to spend an afternoon to make it. The finished product I turned into a promotional video to be aired on our school's news for the chess club which I was a co-founder of.

My Involvement:

This is one of the few film projects that I produced entirely on my own. Everything is my own work including the sound on this one.

Challenges Faced:

Very minor, but I didnt want to record my hands in the footage yet I also wanted motion. I worked with some unique camera angles to produce something I was happy with.

Skills Developed:

For this simple soundtrack I used a program to record the beating of a drum. I learned the basics of it along with improving my skills as a camera man, director, and editor.

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