Project Description:

This project was a short film produced by a small group of my peers, including myself in the Fall of 2014. Together we developed storyboards, scripts, and call sheets for the film.

My Involvement:

James and I worked together to fill the roles of director, cinematographer, and editor. We oversaw the production of all other aspects of the project and both had a hand in the decision-making that it involved.

Challenges Faced:

The hardest challenges were the weather and our reliance on other people. Because of the first, we had to alter a major part of the production and because of the second there was extra work that had to be put in on our parts and there was less available time to produce the film overall.

Skills Developed:

Perhaps the most important skill I developed was my improvisational skills. Because of unforeseen events about one third of the narrative (and thus previous work) had to be altered.

Click here to download the final accompanying document (containing an outline, script, storyboard, shooting scedule, and call sheets)

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