A Galaxy at Arms

Project Description:

This project is currently a work in progress. I had an idea for a story and I started writing about it and thinking about it over the course of a few years.

My Involvement:

I wrote and conceived of all of the material of this project.

Challenges Faced:

Writer's block is a real challenge I've faced. I have had difficulty linking events that I want to occur with a timeline that I'm happy with. The inability to make progress can be frustrating at times, but it is also rewarding when there is an idea that moves everything along again.

Skills Developed:

My writing skills are primarily what I've developed. I've also done some research along the way.

--- --- ---

Unfortunately as this project is not only a work in progress and one that is close to my heart but it is also constantly in a state of change. I dont want to display the entirety of my work for these reasons but if you are interested you may contact me for more information through the 'Contact Me' portion of my home page. Below is the general concept of the world which I am basing my writings on.

The premise for this story is that there is a civil war between two human faction that enhabit mars and venus while sharing earth. There is peace... well... for now, but years of warfare and unconventional methods are still taking their toll on humanity. The war is expected to resume in full force at any time. Tensions are high and it is in this desperate time that humanity makes first contact with a warrior race infamously known as the Ragnus Swarm. Humanity, individual heros and governments alike, with the help of unexpected allies need to ban together to save themselves and all that they know.

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